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Collab with unkoda

Year: 2018


Sacred Geometry was our main inspiration for this project.
Once we plunged into this fascinating theme and studied its mathematical expressions, we realized that nature propagates the same essence regardless of the magnitude of its expression.  So we decided to explore the idea of propagation as much as possible, whether to find the name of our project, to build the structure itself or to create our visuals.
The name HEDRA emerged from our research about the geometric solids and their nominal suffix “-hedron”. Which comes from the Greek hedra, meaning “base” or “seat”. In mathematics when -hedron is used as a suffix after a Greek number, it represents a geometric solid with the given number of “bases”.
When building the structure, we used a triangle as a base to form two facing walls. Each one is a part of a polyhedron/“sphere”. From a top perspective, we have two incomplete circles with the same radius, intersecting in a way that the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other. This gives emphasis to the concept of Vesica Piscis. Therefore, the space between these two walls is the intersection that represents a common ground or a mutual understanding between equal individuals: Humans and Nature.
One of the walls has video projection and the other shows reflections of light from the first wall, due to the fact that we covered the triangles with a plastic sheet. Not only we explore in the video this idea of propagation with patterns, organic L-systems, fractals, abstract growth of cells, among other things, but we also express how it goes beyond physicals structures and how a person is also part of the universal architecture by seeing the reflections of the video in their own skin.
With everything mentioned above, as we walk in and out the art installation, we experience the same concept in different perspectives. And it is the ability to change our perception that allows us to truly understand something, hopefully, leading to tolerance and empathy between all forms of life.

Case Study for Hedra with live show, mock up, home studies and visuals. On this study we explored the effect of reflections and size of structure. The live event was organized by CAL (cultural art association from Ponte de Lima, Portugal). We played for 1 hour with visuals synced with the music we mixed.

Hedra Visuals

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