Nebula Part 1

Hi everyone!

Many of you were asking for a detailed tutorial about my nebula artworks. I’ve been preparing this, and we will cover how to do nebulas in Houdini, and of course, keep it simple and easy to learn for everyone, from beginner to advanced users.

We will divide this into three tutorials. In the first part, create an abstract nebula with simple vop nodes. In the second part, we will learn how to add detail and custom forms to our nebulas, and in the third part, we will cover how to render them with redshift and how I do post-process in after effects.

As you may know, all my projects are available on Patreon, and this series of nebula tutorials will be added to my retrieve store, where you can see the tutorials with voiceovers and subtitles.

Hope you enjoy this series, let’s have some fun with volumes, particles, and a lot of noises!

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